Air freight

CITO Global Logistics has established a good and sustainable cooperation with various airlines of Vietnam and many airlines in the world as well as. Having a team of experienced and enthusiastic staves, we committed to providing a full range of air freight services in the most convenient, fastest, most competitive price, with the most professional service to customers.

Having a steady flow of large volumes as well as the company’s long-term commitment, we receive priority in bookings for the whole year including peak seasons.

Combined sea/air service (Sea/Air) is one of our strengths and which is provided as a useful supplementary service to replace direct air freight services to save the costs for customers.

Our strengths in air freight:

  • Delivery door-to-door or airport to airport.
  • Combined transporting by sea – by air.
  • Solution for oversized and overloaded goods.
  • Schedules and costs to be adjusted based on each customer’s needs.
  • Tracking cargo schedules online.
  • Air Cargo (international air transportation): Export and import (Suitable for large goods).
  • Air Express (International Courier): Export, Import (Suitable for small goods)

Why should you choose to use CITO Global Logistics’ air freight services:

CITO Global Logistics has good relationships and long-term cooperation with leading airlines in Vietnam as well as airlines around the world, we are committed to provide reliable and timely services to customers.

CITO Global Logistics became an agent of reputable courier companies: DHL, FEDEX, UPS, EMS…. We bring to customers the lowest shipping cost and fastest shipping time for customers.

  • Guaranteed shipping and security services.
  • Having Professional and quick problem-solving team with the highest experience.
  • We Always look for the most effective cost for transportation solution.

CITO Global Logistics is proud to be one of the most prestigious, quality and fast air transport company nowadays. With the criterion for customer satisfactions. CITO Global Logistics has innovated ways of doing businesses to serve customers in the best way.

Air freight