Business philosophy


To become a leading Freight Forwarder company in Vietnam as well as in Asia with a global network.


With the slogan “Shipping fast, shipping smart“. We are committed to:

  • Providing customers with smart, comprehensive and fast logistics solutions, helping customers to reduce to a minimum cost in the business, to increase maximum profits in the business, based on creative and non-stop capabilities. Optimize resources through our team.
  • Always honest, diligent, dedicated, constantly learning to provide services with quality that exceeds customer expectations.
  • Promoting economic flow, creating added value and sustainable results for the country, businesses, companion partners through an outstanding chain of services and solutions as well.

Core value

  • PROFESSIONALISM: We are professional in working style, good attitude, professional expertise, compliance with professional standards.
  • Dedication: Enthusiastic in work, always put yourself in the position of the customers to understand and behave properly.
  • QUALITY: Committed by the satisfaction of customers when transacting and using Cito Global Logistics’ services.
  • UNITY: Solidarity creates strength, implement the Company’s vision and mission to successfully, also to bring the highest benefits to stakeholders.
  • INTEGRITY: Cito Global Logistics insists on integrity and honesty when cooperating and performing transactions.
  • COOPERATION: Work properly with customers and partners to bring mutual benefits.
  • COMMUNICATION: Have good communication skills to meet the needs of customers.
  • NATIONAL: Provide a friendly working environment.
  • INNOVATION: Always improving ourselves, applying the latest technologies to provide the best services for customers.

Business philosophy
   The business philosophy of CITO Global Logistics is built on four core values: Professionalism, solidarity, creativity and innovation.

We are a creative, young and dynamic team. We always unite and help each other to develop ourselves in the work as well as in life. This creates a cultural identity and a good lifestyle in the company’s collective, thereby creating a lever of human ability to help the company grow and prosper.
We are proud to bring added value to the logistics industry.