Customs procedures

Besides goods transportation, customs procedures are always an important and complicated step in the process of importing and exporting goods.

Understanding that problem, CITO Global Logistics owns a team of experienced and knowledgeable Customs declaration staff and is always up to date with the latest circulars and decrees, especially experience in handling to help the customs declaration process. Customs clearance becomes easier, shortening the time for customs clearance of goods as well as minimizing costs incurred for customers.

CITO Global Logistics advises customers with the most effective and accurate customs clearance solutions with the following package customs declaration services:

Export/Import Customs clearance service for all types:

Business, processing, production for export, non-commercial, temporary import for re-export, temporary export for re-import, transit, export and re-import, liquidity, on-spot import and export, import and export of entrustment, etc.

Our strengths in customs services:

  • Submitting and Getting import and export license for medical products, precursors, information communication, etc.
  • Submitting and getting cosmetic declarations, food, self-declaration of food, medical declaration, …
  • Services of getting Certificate of Origin (C/O), CFS free circulation at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, VCCI.
  • Services for Plant and animal quarantine, food hygiene and safety, inspection, analysis and classification, inspection of old machines, quality inspection, certification of conformity, …
  • Services of Fumigation, help to contact with inspection agencies for quantity and quality, irradiation of agricultural products.
  • Logistics services: packing, baling, loading and unloading goods at the warehouse, at the port, tally, stamping, supervision of packing, lifting commodities, …

Why should you choose to use Customs services at CITO Global Logistics?

In CITO Global Logistics, we are committed to bring the best experience to our customers!

  • We have a team of young, enthusiastic, honest and experienced employees.
  • We have a close relationship with Customs Sub-Departments, port authorities and specialized management agencies.
  • Serving customers enthusiastically and thoughtfully, ensuring customer satisfaction when using services of CITO Global Logistics.

Customs procedures